Progress in the technology has shaped the communication infrastructure much. Wide acceptance of VOIP technology helped many businesses gain competitive advantage and improve customer experience. Now with the VOIP based telephone systems, communication has become fast, cost effective and transparent. Businesses are in the path of either upgrading the telephone system or building as part of their development plan. For the business who still have the analog connection and want to communicate or connect with the IP network, you can do it via an analog gateway. With an Yeastar analog voip gateway, you can connect your traditional or analog system to the existing or service provider VOIP network. If your business in Dubai wants to create an effortless office set up, it is advisable to contact an experienced IP telephony provider where they can deliver a flexible solution using Analog gateway in Dubai.

Connect your existing telephone to Yeastar analog VOIP Gateway network

YEASTAR ANALOG VOIP GATEWAYS DUBAIAs a leading IP telephony provider in UAE, we are able to provide perfect telephony solution that makes the communication smoother and efficient. We allow business to integrate legacy telephone systems into a VOIP network and make it possible to efficiently manage the communication overhead. The leading gateways allow full interoperability with multi-branded IP PBXs and softswtiches. All of the analog gateways in UAE we deal with provide great working support and will work with the most IP protocols and codecs. You have the options to choose from our various collection of analog gateway Dubai. We deal only the leading manufacturer’s gateways that are guaranteed to produce the desired results and are well supported by our experts. Get the quality and the best Yeastar analog voip gateway in Dubai from us. The leading brands that manufacture Analog gateways include Grandstream, Yeastar, Sangoma, Cisco etc… Each manufacture series have different FXS and FXO ports and are designed to provide flawless communication service to the business. Analog gateways comprises of FXS Gateways and FXO gateways

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits:YEASTAR ANALOG VOIP GATEWAYS DUBAI

  • Effortlessly connect multiple locations
  • Create a cost-effective hybrid IP and analog telephone system
  • Enjoy the benefits of VOIP communication
  • Support to numerous PSTN lines
  • Advanced telephony features
  • SIP registration
  • Configurable user login passwords