Power connection:PANASONIC KX-TG6451

L Use only the power source marked on the product. L Do not overload power outlets and extension cords. This can result in the risk of fire or electric shock. L Completely insert the AC adaptor/power plug into the power outlet. Failure to do so may cause electric shock and/or excessive heat resulting in a fire. L Regularly remove any dust, etc. from the AC adaptor/power plug by pulling it from the power outlet, then wiping with a dry cloth. Accumulated dust may cause
an insulation defect from moisture, etc. resulting in a fire. L Unplug the product from power outlets if it emits smoke,
an abnormal smell, or makes an unusual noise. These conditions can cause fire or electric shock. Confirm that smoke has stopped emitting and contact an authorised service centre. L Unplug from power outlets and never touch the inside of the product if its casing has been broken open. L Never touch the plug with wet hands. Danger of electric
shock exists.

InstallationPANASONIC KX-TG6451

L To prevent the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose the product to rain or any type of moisture. L Do not place or use this product near automatically controlled devices such as automatic doors and fire alarms. Radio waves emitted from this product may cause such devices to malfunction resulting in an accident. L Do not allow the AC adaptor or telephone line cord to be excessively pulled, bent or placed under heavy objects.