Avaya Aura Conference 6.0 Best Conference System:


The way we work is changing. Workers are more distributed and mobile than ever before. In AVAYA Aura Conference the ability to connect and collaborate is essential to create alignment within teams, drive decisions, minimize business latency, innovate, and establish competitive advantage. What’s more, the people we need to collaborate with are often located outside of enterprise boundaries with our engagement needs extending to upstream supply chains, services partners, and downstream channels and customers.
While work has changed, so has the technology that allows people to engage. Avaya Aura Conference brings audio, web, and video conference into a single platform that can be used as the foundation of a unified communications experience, or offered as an over the top conference solution.Avaya+Aura+Conferencing+–+Competitively+Superior

Avaya Aura Conference makes it easier and faster to schedule, start, and join meetings. Meetings are highly secure, and interruptions are easily managed, so people can focus on the purpose of the meeting instead of the technology and logistics that allow them to take place. Meetings become more contextual and interactive helping to drive improved outcomes.
Get meetings started faster. Moderators can add conference logistics into their Microsoft Outlook meeting invites with a single click.

With Avaya Aura Conference, a single click is also all that is needed for participants to join from the meeting invite. Users can establish their audio connection by traditional dial-in, as well as have the system call them, or join using VoIP through their browser or the Avaya mobile or desktop UC client. Users can allow their meetings to begin without them, even if they are going to be late to their own conference. A visual roster is available to all participants eliminating the need for roll calls.
avaya-aura-conferencing-dubaiManage disruptions. We’ve all experience barking dogs, music on hold, and colleagues who get more focused in a side conversation than your meeting – all causing unwanted disruptions. Fortunately, with Avaya Aura Conference, it is easy to identify where the noise is coming from and mute those lines or drop them out of the meeting altogether.

Avaya Aura Conference Moderators can lock a conference, preventing people from joining after that point. Entry and exit tones may be desirable for smaller meetings, and can be turned off for larger meetings.

Presenter mode makes meetings more democratic empowering any participant to share content, and meetings can continue should the moderator need to leave or hand off control, eliminating complexity when people need to change roles during the meeting. Participants can privately scroll backwards and forwards through a presentation to catch up or see what is coming without disrupting the flow of the presenter.

Avaya Aura Conference Offer’s more context. Just knowing who is in the meeting through a real time roster is the beginning of making meetings more effective. Knowing who said what by associating a name with the current speaker brings new meaning to what is being said.

Adding video with up to nine windows of the most recent speakers brings nonverbal communication into the meeting. Show don’t tell … where a picture tells a thousand words, sharing content whether it’s a presentation, application, desktop, or whiteboard helps to drive engagement.avaya conferencing dubai
Increase attendance and participation rates. Collaboration sessions now extend to mobile workers, where users can use their smartphones and tablets to see and manage rosters and content. Account holders can also join using audio and video through the mobile application.

IT can leverage their Avaya Aura conference footprint to provide local dial in numbers to support international users, and empower users and guests to join using voice and video through the browser across the internet from anywhere.