To keep up, desktop telephones need to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s workforce.

The UT880: The Desktop Telephone – Re-InventedNEC UT880

The UT880 desktop telephone integrates the traditional desktop telephone and  tablet into one device to provide you with an innovative, feature-packed appliance that revolutionizes the user experience. The UT880 provides you with the full functionality of a desktop telephone and access to your NEC Unified Communications (UC) desktop/mobile client. All UC functionality–corporate directory, presence, instant messaging, unified messaging, and call control–is available at your fingertips.

The UT880 desktop telephone offers you:

  • A full seven inch color display with multi-touch capabilitiesNEC UT880
  • A multiline SIP client that emulates any NEC telephone
  • An open interface for application development
  • Full NEC platform voice functionality and hands-free, wide-band speakerphone
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability
  • A built-in camera for pictures and video applications
  • Multiple login support
  • USB port