PBX PABX Panasonic Nec Cisco Avaya Grandstream Yeastar System

In today‘s World ICT Infrastructure are the key aspect and the core of modern communication for achieving goals and objectives of any organization. scope of ICT has increased significantly in the past decade and this boom in communications would not have been possible without the progressively advancing technology.

Having understood the need and necessity of the ICT Infrastructure in day to day activities of any business PBX DUBAI was formed in partnership with highly skilled, motivated enthusiastic entrepreneur as a high quality, specialist network ICT & ELV Services Company,

PBX PABX Panasonic Nec Cisco Avaya Grandstream Yeastar System

PBX DUBAI works with its clients tough a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today’s technologies including innovations around IT & security solutions with a mature, highly capable delivery and services infrastructure.

PBX DUBAI offerings help customers improve processes, reduce infrastructure costs, and manage risks and governance thus enhancing top-line revenue. Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

PBX DUBAI provides services which include IT & network installation, network management and high security video, voice and data combined solution

PBX DUBAI is IT related concern which deals in security, sales and support of IT equipment and right technologies to its client as per their needs
PBX DUBAI today stands for quality, competence and commitment.

PBX DUBAI specializes in a solutions-based approach for its clients. It plays an important role in understanding the organization’s environment, its business ambitions and the technological support it needs to execute its business strategy.

PBX Dubai work hard to build a future where technology makes life simple, rewarding and enjoyable, and where businesses rely on our solutions to achieve sustainability and growth.

PBX Dubai believe that our success depends on the success of the clients and communities we serve. Years of experience and a deep understanding of our industry and local markets puts us in a unique position to act as technology enablers and integrator to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Over the years, PBX Dubai have developed a culture of goodwill and good practice enabling PBX to deliver the right product and solution,

with the right attitude for quality service at competitive rates. we provide professional ICT & ELV services, from time served professionals, delivering a highly secure, robust and efficient installation and infrastructure that will meet all your business needs now and in years to come.
Having positioned PBX dubai in UAE – the Middle East hub, where most of the Global IT giants have their local presence in the region, PBX Dubai have a quick access to the new developments and products in the ICT & ELV field.

We provide Installation services for PBX systems like Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, NEC , Grandstream and Yeastar. For cisco we provide full support for Call manager express and Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

For Avaya , We readily support IP Office 500 v1 and IP Office 500 v2. For NEC, SL2100 is always ready in our stock. GRandstream UCM6202, UCM 6204, UCM 6208 and PRI models also available in our stock.

We work on Analog Telephony, Digital Telephony and IP Telephony. We provide Quality IVR Solutions to companies who want to have a professional look for their calling customers.

Apart from Configuration, we provide Cabling and infrastructure services for telephone system. We provide end to end termination and cable pulling for newly formed offices and companies and provide state of the art pbx configuration services.

We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for PBX systems in Sharjah Dubai and Ajman.  We provide Onsite support and Remote support also. Our Dedicated Engineers can help you remotely via teamviewer access or any desk access or over the phone with minimal charges if you are existing customer.

For new Customers we generally prefer to visit the first time and then take on regular maintenance from there.

We provide New Phones with Warranty from Brand or distribution and Used phones also with limited warranty depending on phones or telephone system condition at very cheap rate.